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Canestrelli Biscuits- 150g

Gli Aironi

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3,90 €


Delicate and fragrant, the Canestrelli of Gli Aironi are a high quality bakery product: they are realized with carefully selected organic ingredients only.

This biscuit has two main characteristics: the rice flour in the dough and the ability not to absorb moisture from the environment, guaranteeing a better preservation.


Wheat flour *, butter *, cane sugar *, rice flour * (17 per cent), eggs *, salt, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate. (* from organic farming).
This product contains gluten, dairy, egg. May contain traces of nuts.

They can be enjoyed both as a savoury or sweet snack: spread with melted cheese and ham, paired with a rosé wine or with dessert wines.
Store in a cool dry place.
bag of 150g.
Place of manufacturing
Lignana (Vercelli).