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Chestnut Organic Honey 350g


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Chestnut honey has special characteristics and properties. The colour is dark with reddish hues and because of the high content of fructose it remains liquid. The taste is bitter and this is very appreciated by consumers who consider a bit 'sickly sweet the flavour of the other types of honey.

Chestnut honey is rich in minerals, so it is recognized as an excellent tonic and is widely used by sportsmen. Chestnut honey is one of the honeys more indicated to accompany many types of cheese.

Chestnut honey one of the most used in the kitchen and in combination with both seasoned cheeses (sheep, goats, grana padano and castelmagno) both average seasoning (raschera, taleggio, tome). very siutable with ricotta.
Dark amber, with hints of red
Keep in a cool dry place, away from light sources.
350 g glass jar.
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