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Enkir Einkorn Flour - 5kg

Mulino Marino

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The Enkir flour, with its high digestibility and short time leavening, is particularly suitable for unleavened bread. The Triticum Monococcum is the father of cereals, ideal for all uses. It enhances its particular taste in simple preparations.


Enkir. Contains gluten.

Ideal for all uses. For unleavened bread use 1kg of Enkir flour, 470g of water, 30g of extravirgin olive oil, 22g of salt. Baking the dough in a non-stick pan without oil. It can be used as bread or as a rolled flatbread filled with all your favourite ingredients.
Store in a cool dry place.
Bag 5kg
Place of manufacturing
Cossano Belbo (Cuneo)
Enkir - composizione - (273.87k)