Organic Manitoba Flour- 1kg

Mulino Marino

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From the respect of the artisanal milling tradition of Mulino Marino born the sifted flour: the whitest achievable through natural stone milling.

The Cheesecloth Buratto is an organic flour of soft wheat type 2, obtained with no addition of preservatives, stabilizers or other additives. It is particularly appreciated to be a natural and raw product. The former qualities are due to the light part of fiber and grain’s germ that are preserved after the processing and that characterize this flour in respect to the others. 


Soft wheat. Contains gluten.

Rich and intense perfume. The Buratto flour is used mainly in the production of bread, pizza, sweets, cookies and fresh pasta.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Bag 1kg
Place of manufacturing
Cossano Belbo (Cuneo)
tipo 0 Manitoba - scheda tec. - (237.71k)