Grappa Distilleria San Carlo

One of the smallest Italian artisanal distilleries of Grappa is located in Piedmont, in the province of Asti.  

They are wife and husband and started this beautiful experience together. Their philosophy is to reencounter and make famous the real taste of the grappa produced from pomaces coming from selected and small local producers, with no addition of colorings, flavorings or sugars. A gentle product, taken care of from the raw materials to the bottling with every step performed by hand. It is exactly for this choice that the production is very limited.

The grappas are not just for connoisseurs or distillate’s lovers,  but also for all those people who have the curiosity to taste a piece of the Piedmont tradition handed down from our grandparents.

The custom of the Piedmontese distillation includes the manufacturing at bain-marie with double refreshing (at present they are amongst the few or the only ones who perform this technique in Piedmont). The particularities of this product are: low environmental impact (their laboratory is in open fields), the full respect for the four elements and for the nature ( from this philosophy born the picture of the elf that represents them).  

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