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Rye wholemeal flour - 1kg

Mulino Marino

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The wholegrain rye flour Mulino Marino is obtained by grinding natural stone grain coming from organic farms in Piedmont.

The cereals are selected according to criteria of quality, safety and biodiversity and ground according to their characteristics without the addition of additives, preservatives and stabilizers.

The rye is traditionally considered a poor food, is instead a food with significant nutritional properties: it contains carbohydrates, protein, minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus), vitamins (B group, e) and is rich in fiber and lysine.

The richness of the fibers makes it a useful food for diets aimed at a reduction of body weight is in fact less caloric of other cereals.



Rye. Contains gluten.

Ideal for bread, biscuits and low-rise.
Store in a cool dry place.
Bag 1kg.
Place of manufacturing
Cossano Belbo (Cuneo)
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