Tajarin made from Enkir flour 250g

Antignano Prodotto Tipico

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The egg pasta is realized exclusively with durum wheat semolina flour. The masterly mix of semolina flours, besides all the other high quality ingredients, ensures to obtain a product with unique taste and characteristics. The foil is make thin by bronze drawn and dried with traditional method, at low temperature and for a long time.


Mulino Marino's Enkir wheat, eggs 20%. It may contain traces of nuts, milk and dairy products.

To impress your friend with this fabulous pasta, cook the Tajarin al dente in salted water for 4-5 minutes. The egg tajarin are specially thought to enhance their taste with the truffle. Excellent with meat Bolognese sauce or wild boar sauce.
Store at room temperature away from direct light. After opening use within few days.
Bag 250g.
Place of manufacturing
Antignano (Asti)