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The White Truffle dressing with truffle shavings

Inaudi Funghi e Tartufi

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To find yourself with imagination, in a small typical Langhe restaurant, this oil has been flavoured with the precious White -Truffle of Alba.  Superb!


Olive oil, extract of white truffle (Tuber magnatum), aromas, truffles (Tuber albidum) 0.3%

Add to rice (risotto), tagliatelle, eggs, cheese sauces (fonduta), thinly sliced raw meat or fish (carpaccio) and mixed salads of your choice, just before they leave the kitchen for the table.
Store in a cool dry place. After opening keep refrigerated and use within a few days.
Glass bottle of 40cl.
Place of manufacturing
Borgo San Dalmazzo (Cuneo)