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A valid aid to eliminate waste and toxins from your body is represented by the 21 Days Detox BIO herbal tea, a valid program that in just 3 weeks will allow you to achieve truly satisfactory results.

The program is very simple and is based on the intake of 3 herbal tea filters for 7 different flavors to be taken daily in order to reach the 21 days of intake.

The different herbal teas available are the following:
- lineasnella
- drainage
- purifies
- pomegranate
- green coffee, lemon and ginger
- turmeric, lemon and ginger
- lemon and ginger

To be taken combined with a varied and balanced diet and physical activity.
Place of manufacturing
Melle (CN)
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
21 filters.
Recommended use
In order for the effects of the various herbal teas to be effective it is necessary that they are left in boiling water for about 5-7 minutes and drink the infusion still hot. The pattern to follow is the following to be repeated for 3 weeks:- Day 1 Lineasnella herbal tea in the afternoon; - Day 2 Drenaforma herbal tea in the morning; - Day 3 Depura herbal tea in the morning; - Day 4 Herbal tea Green coffee, lemon and ginger for breakfast; - Day 5 Turmeric, licorice and ginger herbal tea after lunch; - Day 6 Lemon and Ginger herbal tea after a meal; - Day 7 Pomegranate Herbal Tea.

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