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Acacia Honey 500g

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Collected in the acacia forests of Asti area, this mono-floral honey is ready to be consumed by the first days of June, being the second harvest of the season. Taste and aroma can also show important changes depending on the year, the ground that houses the trees and potential parallel blooms. With an amber color and an intense perfume in the scarcest harvests, the Acacia honey can be almost transparent with greenish shades and it can present a very delicate taste and aroma in the most abundant seasons. The main characteristic shared by every harvest is the peculiar taste and perfume of Acacia flowers, the same flowers that spread generously their essence in the valleys of the low Piedmont during the month of May.

Even though it can be enjoyed alone or spread on a simple slice of bread, anytime during the day; the Acacia Honey is commonly used as natural sweetener in beverages and foods. Its extreme elegance does not alter the food taste, making this honey particularly suitable to sweeten the meals of the children. It is also one of the basic ingredients for the preparation of different desserts and jams as the Sant’Antonio cups of the Honey Soft Biscuits.
Properties & Benefits
As any type of honey, also the Acacia honey does not need any preservative during its production. It also has a remarkable energetic value combined with high digestibility thanks to its high content of proteins, vitamins and amino acids. The presence of simple sugars as glucose and fructose, make its assimilation easier for the body. The high level of fructose itself makes the Acacia honey the only suitable honey for people who suffer from a light form of diabetes.
Place of manufacturing
Priocca (CN)
Keep in a cool dry place, away from light sources.
500 g glass jar.

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