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Riso Acquerello invecchiato 1 anno - 500g View larger

Acquerello Rice (1year maturation) - 500g

Riso Acquerello

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At Acquerello they have developed an innovative process combining tradition with innovation. Unhulled grains are first aged, then grains are slowly polished in a machine that separates the germ and the bran. Finally, the germ (full of nutrients) is mixed back into the white rice. This can contains 500g of rice matured for one year.


Carnaroli rice with germ.

It’s simply perfect because the grains are larger and will always be fluffy and separated after cooking. The grains will not split or become mushy during the cooking process and will retain their proteins and vitamins. As a result, your risotto will be creamy and full of flavour. Try it with all your favourite recipes, it will never disappoint you.
Place of manufacturing
Livorno Ferraris (VC).
Store in a cool place, always close the can with the lid.
Vacuum packed can - 500g
Made in Italy

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