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Anesse - Linea Cosmetica al Latte d'Asina

Anesse - Linea Cosmetica al Latte d'Asina

The Asiland farm was born from a love for animals that was born from the childhood of the owner, Gabriele Botta.

From a great love for animals a project was born that, in full respect of the donkeys, produces from the donkey milk, cosmetics rich in benefits and low environmental impact.

Almost by chance, in 2015, Gabriele took a holiday in Sicily and discovered the donkey breeding aimed at milk production. With these wonderful animals it is love at first sight: humble, sweet, patient and incredibly affectionate, after centuries at the side of man to help him in the heaviest jobs, they struggle to find a new role and risk extinction. Yet, in addition to being exceptional as increasingly popular pets, they provide extraordinary milk, with countless beneficial properties for our health. So here comes the plan to import some animals to set up a farm in Piedmont.

Today Gabriele cares for about 40 pure Ragusana donkeys in a quiet valley in Castell'Alfero, always careful to offer them the best possible life, outdoors, in the company of their fellow men and "cousins" horses, with a respectful diet their needs is based on fresh grass and forage. The donkeys donate their precious milk in small quantities and only until the weaning of the baby, which grows in the company of the mother and without trauma. In addition to the production of raw and pasteurized milk for food consumption, the company allocates part of the milk to the Anesse cosmetic line, made in a Piedmontese laboratory of natural cosmetics.