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Balsamic jelly beans 42g

Pastiglie Leone

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3,40 €


The Balsamic jelly beans Caramelle Balsamiche Pastiglie Leone present an intense aroma and perfume thanks to the use of essence and extracts from herbs and aromatic plants, accurately selected at the market and mixed to enhance their peculiar characteristics.

The jelly beans stand out for the exclusive use of Arabic gum with no addition of starch or alimentary animal gelatine. The Arabic gum Kordofan is a natural product of vegetal origin that exudes from the trunk and brunches of the Acacia thanks to specific incisions made on the plant. The Arabic gum presents also the perk of a very low caloric content.


Kordofan arabic gum, sugar, glucose syrup, menthol, aromatic essences of plants, aromas. Natural color: cupric complexes of chlorophyllins.

We should keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Tin containing a bag of 42g
Place of manufacturing
Collegno (Torino).