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Alma Gran Cuvée

Bellavista Franciacorta

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Alma Gran Cuvée is the maximum expression of a project aimed at achieving harmony and perfection. This wine is now the emblem of a long tradition of quality and style characterizing the land of Franciacorta and Bellavista. The secret of this amazing result is in an art of winemaking based on the slow production process and in the meticulous care put in every production stage, which focuses only on nature and its extraordinary biodiversity. The name Alma (from the Latin “almus”, meaning “source of life”) pays homage to the Franciacorta area and to the unconditional love for the land which has provided us with these treasures. The white froth is persistent and very lively. The perlage is fine and persisting, with an evident and pleasing effervescence.

Excellent as an aperitif and to toast. It is also an excellent base for long-drinks or cocktails.
The taste fully reflects the nose, with an almost crunchy sensation and a texture that combines elegance and lightness, thickness and harmony.
Bright yellow with clear greenish hints.
Place of manufacturing
Erbusco (BS)
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
Glass bottle
75 cl
Made in Italy

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