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Herbal Caciotta Cow

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Herbal Caciotta Cow is a semi-matured organic cheese made only from quality Piedmontese milk. This typical cheese has a white, soft and delicate texture. It contains the best of the organoleptic characteristics of cow's milk, between taste, aroma and digestibility. With a strong character, you can clearly feel the taste of cow's milk, fresh and genuine.


Piedmontese cow milk from organic farming, rennet, mixed herbs (thyme, rosemary, marjoram, oregano, sage, parsley, juniper, bay leaf, fennel, savory), salt.

A firm, well-structured red or a not too bitter beer are the natural elements of this cheese with a fresh and delicate taste. Try it together with jams for cheese, honey and cognà.
Place of manufacturing
Giaveno (TO).
Prodotto Bio
Store at a temperature of 1 - 4 ° C.
350 g.
Recommended use
Remove the product from the vacuum at least a few hours before tasting it.