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Caffè Excelsior

Caffè Excelsior

Slow and traditional roasting entrusted to the wisdom of the master roaster, blends born from the perfect combination of the best qualities of coffee selected at the origin, expertly processed to ensure an always excellent product.

In the millennium of technology there are still those who believe in tradition. It is precisely what Coffee Excelsior is relying on the wisdom of the roasted masters that toast the best coffee chicci in a crafted way.

Who can afford to roast coffee in the traditional way in the millennium of technology? Caffè Excelsior has decided to keep the artisan dimension of the production process firm.

Traditional roasting takes about three times longer than “turbo” roasting, but it is an investment that rewards in terms of quality and satisfaction. The coffee beans are preheated to 60 degrees to avoid stress upon entering the machine, where they roast at a temperature that reaches 190/195 degrees.

The roaster works automatically for sixteen minutes, then passes the command to the man, the only judge of the quality of the product. The master roaster takes and visually examines a sample of coffee and decides how long to continue cooking. Usually a few seconds to a minute or two. Each roasting shift is different from the previous one and from the next one and essentially depends on which variety of coffee you are processing, the natural moisture of the beans and other factors.

The master roaster repeats the examination until the color and appearance of the beans meet the requirements. The coffee is then poured into a steel container, where it is mixed and quickly cooled with air to stop roasting at the desired level.