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Caseificio Paje

Caseificio Paje

The Turin dairy is dedicated to the countryside and pastures, uses only quality raw materials at Km 0 to offer genuine products and only with 100% Italian milk.

The project of the Paje dairy is to produce quality, genuine cheeses that bring with them the scent of Piedmontese milk: only in this way is it possible to transfer the work and dedication of all those who contribute to making them so special.
Paje cheese factory is located in Piedmont and more exactly in Val Sangone, at the foot of the mountains, in the charming Giaveno. In this area where the dedication to the countryside and pastures is still managed, it is still possible to establish interpersonal relationships based on sharing and trust with farms that provide a quality raw material practically at Km 0.
For this reason, they only use local milk from animals that live outdoors and feed on grass and hay: processing takes place a few hours after milking.