The values of Shopiemonte

Aims and objectives

The two aims that founded our philosophy are to encourage people in discovering and experiencing the true taste of the Piedmontese eno-gastronomy and create a connection between them, promoting the territory ‘s excellence. 


Our journey started with finding high quality products which resulted in the work of little and medium companies that managed to distinguish themselves by their sensible choices. We were looking for new tastes and flavours that connected us to our traditions but the research was not that easy. It took us several months to build up the group. We wanted highly motivated people, that believed in this project and work as a team. We can now say, that we have reached our aim, because each one of us has given a unique contribution.

Who we are

We are a group of young ambitious people, lovers of culture, territory and Piedmontese eno-gastronomy. We strongly believe that each region has its own unique and excellent products and Piedmont, maybe more than others, is rich in high-standard realities that needed to be further supported and introduced to the entire world. 

The project

With these promises it was rather easy to find the right motivation, to face the first part of our “Mission”: creating a site of e-commerce in which the selected products would have been presented. We collaborated with the most creative software engineers to realize a well-defined and well-functioning website that could offer a high standard service to both our customers and producers. Regarding logistics and operational issues we relied on EDL, a long-time leading company in the territory, that operates in the field of controlled temperature and expiry date products. The Marketing team follows the development of the project and  takes care of the business image and promotion of the website. Thanks to this website, the divulgation of the Piedmontese culinary traditions will be finally accessible to all the customers. This is SHOPIEMONTE: a never-ending discovery , an appealing and un-disclosed journey through Piedmont that will give you the chance to taste the products of the Piedmontese culinary traditions delivered to your doorstep. 

This is SHOPIEMONTE: a never-ending discovery, an appealing and un-disclosed journey across Piedmont.