General sales conditions

Buyer's obligations

It is expressly forbidden to give false data and/or use another person's identity in the registration process of which is instrumental to the execution of the sales agreement and to related communications. The name and the e-mail address given by the user must be real and all the data must be true and updated.

In case of orders placed through the website,  it is mandatory to read and accept the General Conditions of Sale before any purchase order is sent. The acceptance will be done through the marking of the related space on the website. If acceptance is not given, the order cannot be placed and processed.

Delivery terms

The delivery of the goods, ordered directly through Shopiemonte srl, will be delivered by express delivery, operated in collaboration with the best national and international couriers.  Delivery times will depend on the country of delivery. In case of orders placed in Italy the delivery will probably be with- in a week after receipt of the order.  In case of delivery delays due to causes of force majeure and/or fortuitous events, the customer Service of Shopiemonte srl, will promptly inform the customer.

Delivery costs

The delivery has a fixed rate of €6,90 for all Italian destinations, islands included. For the other countries, the delivery costs are based on the destination country and the total weight of the order.

Terms of payment

Accepted payment methods for direct orders are Credit- card and/or Pay Pal.

In the case of default or overdue payment Shopiemonte srl reserves the right to take appropriate action for debt collection such as commissioning the recovery to a specialized collection agency, claiming overdue interests, charging of the legal expenses and changing the terms of payment. It is to be understood that the delivery is subject to payment of the total price by the payment methods indicated by Shopiemonte srl. 

Back orders

In case of back- orders, Shopiemonte srl will be sending out the items as soon as they are re-stocked, with absolute priority, in order to reduce as much as possible the waiting period.  For greater transparency the real availability of the items and the related waiting time will be displayed on the website during browsing.  Delivery will be done in one solution: before placing the order,  the buyer will  decide whether to finalize the sale (and waiti until the items are re-stocked), or eliminate those items from the cart. 

Return management

Any faulty or damaged products will be reimbursed or replaced with no additional cost, prior to the approval of the office-responsible.  No claims will be considered after 10 days from the receipt of the items, and if the goods are not returned in the original packing. In this case the goods will be returned to the sender as freight- collect.

It is understood that the warranty of the products cannot be different from that one offered by the producer Companies, as Shopiemonte srl will not take any additional liability. In accordance with D.P.R. no. 472 of 14th August 1996, the items have to be necessarily returned together with the transport document, including the number and the date of the bill related to the contested product. This sales contract is governed by the general conditions listed herein and for everything not expressly established herein will be governed by the laws pertaining to sales set forth in the Italian civil code.

Shopiemonte srl reserves the right to introduce any changes to the original commercial offer without any obligation or forewarning.

Traceability of sold products

All the products managed by Shopiemonte srl and especially the normative-regulated products, full traceability of the products is guaranteed

Packaging details

The products will be packed and delivered with the utmost care and security, using the “air cushion” packaging that respects the environment and the hygiene standards. In this way the packages travel safely and well protected, without the drawbacks of polystyrene and paper.  Furthermore the inflated cushions can be re-used several times and during disposal they will take up 1% of their initial volume.

Quality control

The buyer and/or the person in charge of the collection of the goods is required to check, at the moment of collection and before the carrier, the integrity and the number of the delivered packages. Possible defects or discrepancies in the number(s) have to be reported in the appropriate space on the transport document (DDT) that will be signed and given to the carrier. After that, the buyer must contact Shopiemonte srl to report any issue(s) within 10 days from delivery. 


The pictures of the products and the information included in the data sheets correspond to the true characteristics of the products, as indicated by the producer or the supplier to the seller. It is understood that any discrepancies between what is published on the website and the reality of the products will not be attributable to Shopiemonte srl. Shopiemonte srl will not be responsible for the reliability of the information given by the Producer or by the Supplier.  The pictures that illustrate the products and the data sheets will not be part of the contractual framework and in no case will be considered under the responsibility of Shopiemonte srl. The data sheets and the pictures of the products given by the Producers and the Suppliers to Shopiemonte srl that disclaims any liability regarding their contents and the actual correspondence with the products. The products will not be given as free- samples. The Buyer will be responsible for the choice of the ordered products. The information that are given on this website or through it, has a general informative aim and cannot be considered as a specific consultancy. Decisions taken on the basis of this information are to be accepted by the buyer in full autonomy and awareness and also at total risk of the customer. No- rights shall be inferred from the information included on this website. Shopiemonte srl gives accurate, complete and updated information, but it will not be liable for the information obtained on the website as the former was provided by third parties.


The invoice will be issued as soon as the order is fulfilled. Shopiemonte srl will issue an invoice with the amount of the placed order. With the acceptance of the general sales conditions, the Client agrees and authorizes the processing and communication of the related data.

Electronic payments

The payments by credit card or by other electronic systems, will be done through a secure payment connection in partnership with  Visa, MasterCard and PayPal service. In case of payment with credit card, the financial information will not be shared with Shopiemonte srl who shall not be liable of any fraudulent use of the card in question. For any additional information please visit .

Problems with using this site

The Customer has to provide the suitable equipment and software for Internet connection in full autonomy. Shopiemonte srl shall not be liable in case that a section or the entire site of is not accessible. Shopiemonte srl does not guarantee that the website will operate without errors or interruptions. It is forbidden any manipulation of this site, of its contents and of the software that supports it, that could prevent the use of the website by other online users. Shopiemonte srl will not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect ones, arising from the access to this site and/or from the use of its contents. Shopiemonte srl reserves the right to modify the information given on the website, including the details of this release, at any time and without notice. Shopiemonte srl will not be liable for the contents of external websites linked to the site of


The parties may withdraw from the sale of contract at any moment whatsoever in case of total or partial insolvency of the obligation incurred by the counterparty. The withdrawal must be given in writing by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Shopiemonte srl reserves the right to refuse any following order(s) of the defaulting customer. In addition Shopiemonte srl reserves the right to take legal action to protect its rights. 

Force majeure

Shopiemonte is not liable for the failures to perform the party's obligations or delays in delivery, if such failures occur as a result of force majeure, natural disasters, war, government sanctions etc. In this case the affected party will be promptly adviced of  the event to Shopiemonte srl. In the case of force majeure the parties are entitled to withdraw the contract or request the fulfillment of it within  a period to be determined. 

Limitation of liability

Shopiemonte srl is not liable for any dis-service deriving from force majeure that can prevent the total or partial fulfilment of the sale contract within the period of time previously agreed. Shopiemonte srl is not liable for damages, loss or additional costs resulted from the failure of the sales agreement in the cases written above such as damages, loss or additional costs resulted from the impossibility to use the items. The Customer has the only right to be refunded  the amount of the items, excluding the delivery costs.  Shopiemonte srl is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from delays or interruption of the electric commercial system, when this event depends on the malfunctioning of the telecommunication system and in any case do not depend on our behaviour. Shopiemonte srl is not liable for any delay or failure in the fulfilment of the order, when impediments are beyond our control. The description of the products on the website have a commercial purpose and do not imply any assurance or certification of the real effectiveness of the products. Shopiemonte srl does not guarantee the real validity and utility of the products displayed on the website and it is not liable for the non-occurrence of the effects reported in the descriptions and/or on the packaging. Shopiemonte srl is not liable for the damages derived from the in-appropriate use of the products displayed on the website. 

Service interruption

Shopiemonte srl reserves the right to interrupt the visibility of the site either partially or in its total and suspend the related functions in all the cases associated with the efficiency and security of the website. In these cases Shopiemonte srl, unless for extraordinary urgent reasons, will give a communication to the customers by any suitable means and as soon as possible.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

The sales contract between Shopiemonte and the Customer will be completed in Italy and exclusively governed by the Italian Laws. Any controversy, claim or dispute arising between the parties in connection with the interpretation and fulfilment of this sales contract will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Juridical Courts of Asti.

Acceptance of the general sales conditions

When placing an order in the provided manner, the Customer declares to have read all the data given during the sale process and to accept the General Conditions of Sale and Payment. Therefore, in accordance with the Article 1342 and 1342 c.c., the Customer declares to have read and to accept the General Sales Conditions above, in its total and, after second reading, declares to expressively accept all the points of the General Conditions.

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