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Cougnà Grape Mustard for cheeses


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The grape mustard (Cougnà) has very ancient origins in our region, in fact it is said that the story begins in the Middle Ages where the aim was to use the small bunches left on the vines at the end of the harvest, adding the ingredients that the land offered in that season. Its consistency is dense, has a dark color and a sweet taste.
This of Brezzo Beekeeping is made with grape must, apples, pears, walnuts and hazelnuts. The grapes that are most commonly used are barbera, dolcetto, nebbiolo and moscato.

55% grape must, apples, pears, walnuts and hazelnuts.
Perfect when paired with a plate of fresh and aged cheeses. Also excellent to give an imaginative touch to a dish of polenta or traditionally to be served with sumptuous Piedmontese boiled meat.
Place of manufacturing
Canale d'Alba (CN)
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
110 gr
Made in Italy

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