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D.Barbero torroneria

D.Barbero torroneria

This nougat and chocolate factory is characterized by the production of artisanal friable nougat and and fine chocolate.

Melchiorre Brabero in 1883 apply for the licence to producing of Noasetti nougat and still now it is the same family that runs the business.

Davide Maddaleno and Gianni Barbero still produce nougat with high quality raw materials.

One of the most popular sweet produced by Barbero is the friable nougat "Friabile Piemontese".

The artisanal making of nougat is unchanged and need a 7-hour cooking in steam boilers. It is made with fresh albumen and with the 51% of PGI Piedmont Hazelnut and millefiori honey.

The historic seat is in the centre of Asti, where this business produces also Giandujotti, typical chocolates of the Piedmontese tradition, chocolate-coated steak-breads and thousand more dainties.