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Egg Fettuccine 250g

Antignano Prodotto Tipico

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Antignano Prodotto Tipico’s fettuccine are obtained from the masterly artisan processing of a selection of durum wheat flour and fresh eggs. The slow drying ensures to the fettuccine its unique and delicious taste, difficult to find in other type of pasta.


Durum wheat semolina flour, eggs 25%. It may contain traces of nuts, milk and dairy products.

Antignano Prodotto Tipico’s fettuccine are a classic specialty to be brought to your table not only on special occasions. For an “al dente” cooking, we suggest cooking the fettuccine for 6 minutes. Perfect with meat sauce, Porcine mushroom sauce or Artichoke sauce.
Place of manufacturing
Antignano (Asti)
To be stored at room temperature, away from direct sun- light. After opening use within few days.
Bag 250g.