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Egg Tagliatelle 250g

Antignano Prodotto Tipico

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Antignano Prodotto Tipico’s tagliatelle is produced by a simple and artisan method, a basic characteristic to create a unique product with its special taste. The pasta is drawn and dried with traditional methods at low temperature and for a long time.


Durum wheat semolina flour, eggs 27%. It may contain nuts, milk and dairy products.

The rich and delicious Antignano Prodotto Tipico tagliatelle are a classic specialty to be served after cooking for 6 minutes. Ideal sauces are our duck, wild boar, spring sauce or a simple sauce like basil and tomato sauce.
Place of manufacturing
Antignano (Asti)
Store at room temperature away from direct sun-light. After opening use within a few days.
Bag 250g.