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Forest Honeydew 1kg

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Produced in the wooded valleys of Roero, in hot and humid areas, the Forest Honeydew is not obtained from floral nectar but from sugary exudations of the plants, induced by the humid weather and the action of certain insects as the Metcalfe waxy. With a blackish dark color, the Forest Honeydew is characterized by a low degree of humidity. The appearance is dense with intense scents of humus and peculiar coffee aromas. It is rich in mineral salt and can shows a slightly savory taste in particular years.  

To be tasted in combination with seasoned cheeses or melted in beverages.
Properties & Benefits
It is considered an excellent tonic for memory and its high percentage of mineral salts makes it suitable for sportsmen.
Place of manufacturing
Priocca (CN)
Keep in a cool dry place, away from light sources.
1kg glass jar.