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"Grappa Extra Old DiLidia" Grappa Berta

Grappa Berta

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The "DiLidia" is a stravecchia grappa (old), comes about by the attentive assembly of Barbera and Moscato grappe. Distilled in the traditional steam method, knowingly aged in barrels that were once used for Marsala and other aromatic wines of the territory.
It is a tradition that re-news, the first woods used for the ageing of the distillations of the Berta family, were those that arrived in the 50's and 60's in their winery from Sicily which were once used for Egg-Marsala. Once empty the barrels could not be used for other types of wines, because they were layered with the aromatic notes of the Marsala, here the intuition of mother Lidia, who comes from Canelli, thought to use for the ageing of the distilled grappe made by her husband Paolo. From this union we get a distillation of a complex and seductive taste, which unites the Sun of Marsala, with the classic notes of currents, and the unique Moscato fragrance, all these is sustained by the typical structure of Barbera.
Distillation system
Distillation plant
Copper steam boilers.
Place of manufacturing
Mombaruzzo (Asti)
In barrels used for Marsala and other aromatic wines of Piedmont.
Barbera and Moscato.
43% vol.
Cl. 70 in stylish case.