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Fattorie Fiandino in Piemonte

Fattorie Fiandino in Piemonte

The quality of Fiandino Farms in Piedmont is 100% made in Italy.

The history of this business begins in the ‘700 century thanks to an idea of Stefano Fiandino, Milanese farmer and cheese-maker. He decided to move to Demonte, near Cuneo, for carrying on his farming.

Generation after generation, the business nowadays is run by Magno Fiandino that has decided to move the farm in Villafalletto.

The farm is run in respect of the rhythms of the earth and the productive processes. Fiandino Farms decided to breed just "Bruna Alpina" cows that live in fields.

The scrupulous selection of the heads of cattle and their healthy diet allow to obtain a high-quality milk. Fiandino Farms were the first in the world to introduce the kinara method for producing their milk.

It consists in using Cynara Cardunculus flowers, a common thistle that grows spontaneously on the mountains and that can be used as vegetable rennet.