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Our Manufactures

The producers of Shop Piemonte are real artisans of the taste that contributes to keep alive the gourmet tradition of Piedmont.

We selected them amongst many little and medium companies that create top quality products, following a personal criterion that privileged the excellent quality and the human aspect of the companies.

At the base of the manufacturing philosophy of our partners there are the attention for the raw materials and the pursuit of the highest quality.

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    • Baratti & Milano
      Founded by Ferdinando Baratti and Edoardo Milano, the ancient Caffetteria Baratti & Milano was open in Turin in 1858.
    • Barbaresco Producers

      The Produttori del Barbaresco social winery uses only the best grapes from the wine growers to produce wine only Barbaresco of excellence.

    • Bellavista Franciacorta

      Bellavista is always in forefront, its style is nonconformist and proactive. Nowadays like then it searches the essence of its character in the deepest roots of an extraordinary soil with unique geological and climatic characteristics. 

    • Beppino Occelli

      Beppino Occelli makes unique cheeses, with first matters close to this territory.

    • Birrificio Alba

      The idea of ​​the Birrificio Artigianale Alba was born in 2014 by two friends, Alessandro and Alberto, and after about a year the project took shape with the first crush.
      Inspired by the city of Alba, which overlooks the brewery headquarters: Guarene.

    • Birrificio Baladin
      In the middle of the Langhe area was born this brewpub for the degustation of the beers.
    • Birrificio Caligola

      From a great brand, the artisanal Piedmontese beers of great quality, to be tasted in each and every moment and to be shared with friends. 

    • Birrificio Civale

      From the encounter of hops, cereals, Piedmontese recipes, and the passion of two friends could not have been born other than Piedmontese Beers of Excellence!

    • Birrificio Metzger 1848
      The rebirth of a brand, revitalizing its image with a product inspired by the quality beer of yesteryear!
    • Braida
      The wonderful story of Braida winery.
    • Brezzo

      Also specialists in biological products, using only top-quality raw-materials: Bio Honey,Bio Fruit Jams, Bio Fruit-juices, Bio Green Tea and Tisane, Bio Honey Vinegar, Bio Tomato Sauces.

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    • Campisi Conserve

      From the Sicilian sea, Campisi produces the best preserves and sauces that this land can offer.

    • Cantina Terre dei Santi

      Malvasia, Freisa and Bonarda of Cantina di Castelnuovo Don Bosco and the Barbera of the Cantina di San Damiano d’Asti. 

    • Carlin de Paolo
      Carlin de Paolo is a family-run company, now in its fourth generation, always dedicated exclusively to the production and sale of wines from native vines. 
    • Cascina Chicco

      From the best lands of Roero, the great wines Nebbiolo, Barbera,Roero and Langhe.

    • Cascina Fonda

      This winery is dedicated to the production of grapes from Muscat

    • Cascina Vèngore
      A natural amphitheater in the heart of Terre Alfieri.
    • Caseificio dell'Alta Langa
      Since 1881, the cheese family
    • Ceretto Vini

      Nowadays the Ceretto family is one of the major vineyards owners of Piedmont, with more than 160 hectares of properties located mainly in the privileged areas of Langhe and Roero that includes the DOCG areas of Barolo and Barbaresco. 

    • Coffee Excelsior
      Slow and traditional roasting entrusted to the wisdom of the master roaster, blends born from the perfect combination of the best qualities of coffee selected at the origin, expertly processed to ensure an always excellent product.
    • Confetti Crispo

      Confetti Crispo today is directed by Mr. Michael Crispo supported very well for twenty years by his sons, Gianfranco and Saviero who work with the same enthusiasm that has always characterized the work of the Parent.

    • Contadi Castaldi
    • Cordero 1958 - Italian Passion

      A quality product, without compromise, at the base of a healthy diet.

    • Cordero di Montezemolo

      For 19 generations, in the centre of the production area of Barolo wine, is situated the Monfalletto estate.

    • Cucina Atelier
      The medium makes the difference! To best make your recipes, you need the right tools: for this Shop Piemonte has selected the essentials in the kitchen for you!
      Only top quality tools to make the most of the cooking experience!
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    • D.Barbero torroneria
      This nougat and chocolate factory is characterized by the production of artisanal friable nougat and and fine chocolate.
    • Davide Palluda

      The true flavors of Piedmont in a glass jar, bringing together tradition and innovation. The Prodotti typical of David Palluda ranging from sweets, fruit in syrup, meat sauce, the Piedmontese antipasti, marinated vegetables.

    • Deltetto

      Deltetto winery produces high quality wines since 1953 in its historic and rich wine-growing and producing areas of Langhe and Roero.

    • Distilleria Beccaris

      Since 1951 the Grappa that stands out.

    • Domori

      Since the beginning Gianluca Franzoni took care to personally select the raw materials and to constantly innovate the Domori’s products. 

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    • Enoteca Regionale Colline Alfieri
      At the beginning of 2009, thanks to the synergetic work between producers and institutions, the Enoteca Regionale Colline Alfieri dell'Astigiano was officially born, where today more than 40 members work together with the common goal of promoting and enhancing these territories and their products.

    • Enrico Crippa - Piazza Duomo

      The Piazza Duomo restaurant is the realm of the three-starred chef Enrico Crippa.

    • Enrico Serafino
    • Ermanno Costa - Cascina Spagnolo

      the Ermanno Costa's winery was dedicated to the production of Barbera d'Alba, Nebbiolo and Roero Arneis.

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    • Farina Viva

      Farina Viva was created by some friends, each of them qualified in agricultural and food industry.

    • Fattorie Fiandino in Piemonte
      the quality of Fiandino Farms in Piedmont is 100% made in Italy.
    • Fontanafredda
      Producers of Barolo and the great wines of the Langhe in Serralunga d’Alba
    • Fonterosa

      The Company Fonterosa is located in the heart of the Langhe and produces pickled vegetables, pickles, canned fruit and jams exclusively with raw materials of small farmers and growers in the area.

    • Foss Marai

      Foss Marai is the symbol of Italian wine excellence and one of the highest expression of the national production and marketing of sparkling wines.

    • Fratelli Desideri
      Desideri brothers have always worked with the aim of making their dream come true!
      The dream of allowing everyone to become a star for one evening by easily making a high-level recipe.
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    • Galup

      Galup: the famous homemGalup: Panettone and Colombe handmade with IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts glaze, known all over the world!ade Panettone with IGP Piemonte Hazelnut icing. 

    • Gli Aironi

      From Grange Vercellesi culture and rice culture, investing in quality for five generations.

    • Granda Tradizioni
      Granda Tradizioni born thans to the use of natural ingredients and ancient Piedmontese recipes.
    • Grappa Berta

      Grappa Berta is now synonymous of excellence of an Italian tradition through-out the world.

    • Grappa Levi
      Levi distillery is specialized in the marcs distillation and in producing collector's grappas and grappas with herbs.
    • Grappa Marolo

      The results beer witness to Paolo Marolo's comprehension of the workings of nature, and to his ability, through the skillful creation of these fine spirits, to bring out the personalities of the grapes in their fullest expression.

    • Grappa Mazzetti d'Altavilla

      Grapperia Mazzetti d’Altavilla, 170 years of the best Piedmont distillations of quality.

    • Grappa Sibona
      Single-variety grappas - The Sibona distillery is one of the most historic in Piedmont.
    • Guido Gobino

      With its Gianduiotti and hand-made chocolate, Guido Gobino is considered today one of the most important artisan chocolate, nationally and internationally.

    • Gustarosso
      San Marzano DOP tomato grown by real Italian grandparents.
  • i
    • Il Bottaccio
      For 4 generations, oil has been part of the Il Bottaccio family history. Grandfather Ermelindo and his wife Letizia began this story in 1925.
    • Inaudi Funghi e Tartufi

      The “King” of mushrooms is the Porcini, manually worked by the Inaudi family who produce artisanly products with a mushroom base: mushrooms in oil, dried mushrooms, different types of sauces.

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  • m
    • Mandrile Melis
      For over thirty years, the traditional chocolate art has been brought to light thanks to sophisticated technology.
    • Marchesi Alfieri

      Marchesi Alfieri is a historic winery located in the baroque castle of San Martino Alfieri, between Asti and Alba.

      Here, on the Alfieri hills, structured, complex and elegant wines have been produced since 1696 that best express the personality and character of the grapes grown in this area. Since 1983, the three sisters Emanuela, Antonella and Giovanna San Martino di San Germano have run the company.

    • Marchesi di Barolo

      The ancient cellars of Marcheses of Barolo are situated in Barolo city, in the building facing the castle owned by the marcheses Falletti.

    • Mariangela Prunotto
      Mariangela Prunotto farm was born in Alba, capital of the Langhe area.
    • Mario Fongo "Il Panatè"

      The baker of Rocchetta Tanaro produces bread, crackers and bread-stick since 1993.

    • Michele Chiarlo

      For Michele Chiarlo, the vineyard is something alive, an experience to be lived.

    • Moriondo Carlo
      The amaretto of Mombaruzzo was born in the eighteenth century and arrives nowadays with the new artisan workshop of the Berta family.
    • Mulino Marino

      Il Mulino Mulino Marino is the oldest of the Langhe and performs the milling of the cereals in natural stone. In this way, the Flour Mill Marino are the finest and most genuine of Piedmont.

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    • Negro Angelo

      The Negro family has been cultivating vineyards on the Roero hills since 1670, enhancing this splendid corner of Piedmont.

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    • Pariani

      The taste of tradition and the search for excellence, to let the whole world discover and taste the one and only Nocciola Piemonte IGP. (Piedmont IGP Hazelnut)

    • Pasta Bossolasco
      Bossolasco Pasta was born thanks to the grains grown in the Saviglianese countryside, a land of great agricultural tradition.
    • Pasta d'Alba

      Pasta d'Alba produces various types of pasta, all organic, vegan and some certified gluten-free.

    • Pasta Mancini
      Nell'Azienda Agricola Mancini la pasta viene prodotta esclusivamente con il grano duro cresciuto nei suoi campi in un pastificio tra le spighe.
    • Pasta Natura

      From the seed to the table: the slogan of Pasta Natura in one sentence indicates the heart of their activity.

    • Pasta Rey
      Directly from the Monferrato heart, the history of Italian pasta, since 1851.
    • Pasticceria Monticone Baracco

      Pastries, petite fours, panettone, cakes and biscuits  are the artisanal specialties of the Monticone Baracco bakery of San Damiano d’Asti.  

    • Pasticceria Scagline

      The products Scagline as the Panettone, hazelnut cakes, cupcakes Sandamianesi, kisses Checkers and pastes Meliga are all made ​​by hand with great skill and care in the past.

    • Pastiglie Leone

      Since 1857 Pastiglie Leone keeps to sweeten the smile of every age gourmands.

    • Pedemontis
    • Ponteballerine

      The ingredients of Ponteballerine honey are the nature, the industriousness of the bees and the healthy passion inherited from his grandfather Eugenio. Nothing else.

    • Prunotto

      From the best lands of Piedmont, the best “Cru” of our areas: Barolo,Barbaresco,Barbera,Dolcetto,Moscato d’Asti,Roero Arneis,Dolcetto and Grignolino.

    • Punset

      Marina Marcarino over twenty years following the production of Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo and new grappa, Punset company making use of organic farming certification National Ecocert Italy.

  • r
    • Raspini Salumi
      On the slopes of Monviso, the history of the Raspini family in the production of cured meats began and the company that today represents a milestone in the Piedmont area has taken off.
    • Relanghe

      Relanghe realizes soft and crumbly nougat with only Piedmont hazelnuts IGP.

    • Renato Ratti

      A master enologo, writer, historian and communicator who revolutionized the culture of wine.

    • Riso Acquerello

      Acquerello Carnaroli Rice: research, experience, tradition and innovation are the basic ingredients of the unique quality of this large rice.

    • Riso Goio 1929

      Since 1929 the company has been cultivating the land with love and respect for nature, but without neglecting new cultivation techniques and the most advanced agronomic technologies.

  • s
  • t
    • Tartuflanghe

      Truffles and truffle specialties from the heart of the Langhe!

    • Tartufè

      From mid-September to the end of December the lands of Alba and the surrounding towns are populated by "trifulau" and their dogs expertly trained in the search for the precious White Truffle.

    • Tenuta del Roero
      The Tenuta del Roero farm in its 70 hectares produces sativa hemp, oleic sunflower and eye bean.
    • Tenuta Sant'Ilario

      Oil as a culture and innovation of traditional food.

  • u
    • Ursini

      The Ursini family, since the 1800’s have always had the best Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil of Abruzzo processed in all its forms.

  • v
  • w
    • Wolfrest Gin

      Thanks to the love and passion for the Piedmont, a young couple from Montelupo Albese realized this amazing Gin, of soft and pleasant taste.

The entities we collaborate with

History of the territory and people who create stories

Enoteca Regionale

From the synergistic work between producers and institutions, the Regional Enoteca Colline Alfieri dell'Astigiano is born where today more than 40 members work together firmly believing in the products of their land, in particular in the wine that has shaped the landscape by redefining the time and rhythm of work. , and it is the latter that gives authentic emotions of an extraordinary territory.

Il Mondo di Linda

"Linda's world" is a project created to share and disseminate ideas and strategies that can help overcome large or small daily obstacles (some also aimed at learning or to create opportunities for aggregation). All this to give more opportunities to those who live and perceive things a little differently from most people.

Cascine Piemontesi

Cascine Piemontesi enhances quality products, those who produce them and those who transform them, but also agritourisms, educational farms and tourist and accommodation activities to give visibility to all the players in our territory. As digital partners, we support the e-commerce project, guarantors of the quality of local products that come together under a single brand.