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Agrisalumeria Luiset

The salami at the Agrisalumeria Luiset are produced exclusively with fresh meat coming from pigs in excellent health condition, bred and fattened in condition of wellbeingon our farm situated in Ferrere (Asti). At the AgriSalumeria Luiset all stages of animal nutrition and meat processing are constantly monitored, which results in lean, healthy meat low in cholesterol but rich in vitamins and other nutrients. The base value of our farm is founded on experience gained from years of work by grandfather Gino in the farms all around the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas, as massacrin (the art of butchery). The result is a salami with coarse grain meat, a spiced, sweet and delicate flavour and an intense fragrance, due to an accurate and scrupulous aging.

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