Azienda Agricola Cagliero

The best Barolo wine is produced by one of the oldest winemaking families of the Barolo region: the Agricultural Cagliero.

Since the beginning, the passion and the love for the wines and the Langa’s traditions are among the profound values of the Cagliero’s family.
The Cagliero, in fact, are one branch of one of the oldest wine-producer family in the Barolo area.  The first years of the 20th century were very hard for the family and forced the Cagliero, as many other farmers, to move away from their land and look for some luck in town. However the uncle Giovan Battista continued to live in the countryside, looking after the vineyard with love and tenacity. When Mario Cagliero, founder of the new generations of the family, came back to its origins, looking for his vine grower identity, he decided to rebuilt with his family the entire estate.
Today he still holds the  management and the development of the farmhouse thanks to the contribution of new energies, methods and instruments.

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