Caffè Vergnano

For over 130 years they are the ambassadors of the true Italian espresso.

Caffe Vergnano is the oldest national coffee producing company, with constant searching for quality perfection appreciated for over a century by real intendors of coffee.

Since 1882 the Vergnano family has guided the company with the secret of its success, that is to say: the quality of the mix of coffee, selected by the best world-wide producers.

To the top-quality mix of coffee, you add a consolidated experience of the toasting of the coffee which is still done today using the traditional method, through that of a slow toasting. These cycles of coffee-roasting are done through different times of toasting and temperatures according to the origins of the beans, permitting to reach the exact grade of coffee-roasting.

In 2015 they saw the consolidation of projects and an important partnership to confirm them on the overseas market. The project "Espresso 1882", for example, has made them the Italian leaders for the market of capsuls for the use with the "Nespresso" domestic coffee-machine.

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