Cava dei Vini

The winery Cava dei Vini produces Barbera, Nebbiolo, Freisa, Bonaria, Arneis and Chardonnay in their own cellars.

Cava dei Vini is a Piedmont family winery, dedicated to producing wines such as Barbera, Nebbiolo, Freisa, Bonarda, Arneis and Chardonnay in their own cellars. With an attentive eye to protecting the land and the health of their clients, they are convinced that this is the winning-card for giving a traditional future to their land, envied all over the world. In the “Collezione Forzieri”, the wine they produce is presented in confections that add to the importance to make a gift a unique experience. Every cask is hand-made in pine-wood, by artisans of the Astigiano territory. Many are also hand-painted, by local artists. The warmth of the wood anticipates and pre-announces the wine when it will be tasted. The seal in wax guarantees the cask and makes it even more magical at the moment of opening. In some a decanter and glasses have been added: all that is needed to serve and taste the fruit of  their work and to have a long lasting memory of something wonderful even when the wine has finished. You also have the possibility to visit their cellars, caves which have been dug into the clay and the vineyards.

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