Dani Coop, farmers’ cooperative society, was born in Sarno, near salerno, thanks to the will and the tenaciousness of some farmers. 

Dani Coop follows the whole production of the “San Marzano” tomato, from the seeds to the harvest, through the selection of the small plants. Thus the customers know that, behind each tin of San Marzano tomato, there is a complex organization of farmers, technicians and controls on the raw materials, that allow a complete traceability of the whole die, certified by Agroqualità.

Going in a field full of ripe tomatoes is an unequalled experience, unforgettable. Scents of just cut grass and of tomato come up from the earth. This scents are still present in the tinned product. The fields in which these tomatoes are cultivated are situated in the area near Naples and Salerno. The San Marzano tomato shows fine taste and thin skin.

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