Dogliotti 1870

This vinery born in 1870 from the effort of two brothers, Giuseppe and Marcello Dogliotti in Castiglione Tinella.

Although they were using artisan and simple working techniques, the sweet Moscato of the two brothers became very soon the flagship of the company, gaining prizes and gold medals at important oenological competitions.

When Luigi, Giuseppe’s son, succeed in 1929 to his father, he moved the small cellar to Castagnole delle Lanze and in a small period of time the Moscato d’Asti, enclosed in wooden barrels, crossed the italian borders and was appreciated in France and Switzerland.

Nowadays the grandchild Ivan and Erik took over the reins of this great company. They were facing a difficult challenge: reviving the image of the family company with a total restyling of the brand and considerable investments in the vinery, always looking at the technological innovations. Their duty is to follow personally and day by day the winemaking in all its steps, applying the old advices left by their fathers to obtain wines of generous harmony and lively personality. 

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