Gabriele Maiolani

The perfect Turin wedding between Langhe hazelnuts and cocoa.

Creating chocolate is an art. Cocoa comes from afar, in times and places. Gabriele Maiolani's chocolate, before arriving in his laboratory in Turin, was born in the territories where Gabriele himself selected cocoa beans, which combines the best hazelnuts in the world ... those of the Langhe!

These two ingredients are the most important raw materials for a chocolatier. Before becoming a Praline, a Torinese cream to spread or a thin one, a cocoa bean and a hazelnut must surprise our Gabriele at the first taste, a lightning strike that requires time, passion and luck. The one between hazelnuts and cocoa is a perfect match for flavor and creaminess. The aromas of the noblest materials thus blend together, creating the basis for his recipes!
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