Gli Aironi

From Grange Vercellesi culture and rice culture, investing in quality for five generations.

Aironi The company has a long experience in five generations in rice cultivation in Grange Vercelli, where the family Perinotti has dedicated his life to improving the cultivation of the estate Pracantone.
Until a few years ago, the Italian rice production was based on the amount of production and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, that they detract from the quality of the harvest and the survival of endangered animal species typical of those wetlands. Only the introduction of a type of agriculture has meant that less forced Aironi Greys, endangered, would return to popular rice paddies. Precisely these majestic birds Perinotti Michael has dedicated the Risi & Co., a company that he leads with enthusiasm and passion, and it has taken pride as "the production model eco-friendly" governed by EU Regulation 2078.

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