Inaudi Funghi e Tartufi

The “King” of mushrooms is the Porcini, manually worked by the Inaudi family who produce artisanly products with a mushroom base: mushrooms in oil, dried mushrooms, different types of sauces.

This re-knowned company of Turin started in the 1950’s with a small greengrocer’s shop, where the beloved Porcini mushroom had already the role of “King” beside the other products. Towrds the 1960’s Clemente Inaudi decided to dedicate to the artisan working of this natural fruit, working it in its different sizes producing products with a base of Porcini mushrooms as: in oil, sauces and sauces for pasta, dried mushrooms, polenta with mushrooms, and lots more. Besides the mushrooms though, he wanted to insert another “King”of nature, the famous Piedment tuber: “The Truffle”. With two specialities of the Piedmont lands, the mushroom and the truffle, the Inaudi family started very quickly to become known thanks to the continuous search of quality paying particular attention to the areas of production.

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