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Molino Bongiovanni

Molini Bongiovanni SpA was established in 2003 from the merger of three historical piedmontese millhouses into a single production unit. Molino Virano, based in Moncalvo d’Asti (Asti), has been active since 1928. Molino Moccagatta, based in Novi Ligure (Alessandria) and active since 1925, has maintained its own management and administrative independence. Molino Marocco, based in Cambiano (Torino), was purchased in 2003 by Molini Bongiovanni and has since become its production site.

Today we can boast of one the most innovative and advanced plants in our sector, designed and implemented according to the most recent and rigorous legal standards. The environmental impact has been sensibly lowered by the addition of a dedicated railway line and PV system.

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