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Pane & Miele

Bread and Honey as the oldest and "classic" snack for kids, Bread and Honey as the best way to enjoy a harmony of flavors for the precious gift of bees.

Pane e miele (Bread and Honey) as the oldest and most classic snack for children, Pane e Miele as the best way to taste, in an harmony of flavors, the precious gift of the bees. Pane and Miele as the two projects to which Luca Bosco, Carla Candellero and Luca Novo decided to commit themselves to, with the creation of an agrarian society that make its living from the apiculture and from the cultivation of ancient and organic cereals dedicated to flour production.  While the bread production is still under study, the honey production is already to its second year of activity.
Different for personal and professional education, the three young components of Pane e Miele choose to dedicate themselves to the nature and share their life and working activity in order to conjugate two parallel values tightly bound together: the need of following their personal paths living from the nature and the ambition to bring product absolutely natural on the tables of the consumers. The honey Pane e Miele is therefore the results of a run-up following the blossoming in the hills, plane and mountains of Cuneo, made in full symbiosis with the bees and supported by a honey extraction technique that allow to bring the product from its real producer (the bees) to the customer, with no alteration for mechanical processing. A choice, the one made by Pane e Miele, typical of real artisans of the nature.

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