Pasticceria Monticone Baracco

Pastries, petite fours, panettone, cakes and biscuits  are the artisanal specialties of the Monticone Baracco bakery of San Damiano d’Asti.  

Mentioned in the slow food guide Osterie d’Italia among the food and wine buying tips, the artisanal laboratory Monticone Baracco proposes pastries and petite fours prepared with the best quality raw materials. A special attention is paid to alternative flours including the well known Ottofile maize flour used in the preparation of corn pastry, but also biscuits with whole spelt flour, whole wheat flour and rice flour. The butter comes from the nearby organic dairy, whilst the Piedmontese hazelnuts add quality and taste to the recipes. Great care is paid to the leavened products – panettone, colomba and panfarro – prepared with sourdough and checked every hour to reach the optimal balance before baking. Gianni, the soul of the lab, creates a modern packaging but remained faithful to the strict traditional rules to guarantee to his customers the quality and the aroma of the freshly baked pastries.  

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