Poggio Ridente

The Poggio Ridente's wines as Ruchè, Barbera d'Asti and Piemonte DOC, born from the careful work of a bio-agriculture.

Poggio Ridente (pleasant hill) is the feeling you have when you arrive on the hill of Cocconato where the vineyard of San Sebastiano and Vallia are located. This area is well known for its particular climatic conditions and for this reason is called the “Coast of Monferrato”. Here the organic farmhouse Poggio Ridente focus on its production of Barbera, Albarossa.

Cecilia who is the mother and the person in charge of these vineyards, enchanted by the poetry of the earth, started to grow organically seven years ago. To her, the consumer protection requires to the winemaker a clear indication of the origins and the nature of the raw materials, their typology, the processing methods applied, the conservation and the packaging that are used. The quality of a product is therefore expression of the quality of its life and of its environment and not just the sum of formal rules.

The entire estate is 20 hectares of which 9 are vineyards, surrounded by forests and bushes, at 450 m of altitude asl. The organic chain winks now to a more appealing horizon of being transformed in a bio-dynamic farm.

If the quality of life is a value that inspires Cecilia, her seek is accomplished with the rediscovery of vineyard located in ancient rows of vines. That’s the case of Bussanello, a mixture that Prof. Dalmasso obtained from Furmint and Riesling. Nowadays the company is leading experiments of micro-winemaking that are giving unexpected results in term of fruit, fragrance and freshness of the wine. In 2009 Poggio Ridente started a new project linked to a beloved wine: the Ruchè of Castagnole Monferrato. The company rented 1 hectare of vineyard in the town of Viarigi and started to grow there organically, leading with great satisfaction to the production of Ruchè “San Marzano” .


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