Riso Goio 1929

Since 1929 the company has been cultivating the land with love and respect for nature, but without neglecting new cultivation techniques and the most advanced agronomic technologies.

The Goio family started their rice business thanks to the founder Ernesto. Over the years, first Pietro and then Emanuele, enthusiastically joined the enhancement of the "DOP rice of Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese", European recognition obtained in 2007. Emanuele with his sons Edoardo and Edilberto, continues the family tradition with great passion, that passion that makes Goio rice unique in its kind. In fact, it differs from the others for four reasons: it is D.O.P (the only PDO on rice in the world), it is sown dry, it is characterized by the rotation of the crops and it has an extra craftsmanship. Goio Rice stands out for its high ability to excel at the packaging of any type of dish: from the most refined risottos, to soups, desserts or simply boiled as a side dish. It is appreciated by illustrious chefs for its cooking resistance and its natural creaminess.

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