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Mela Zen Baladin

Birrificio Baladin

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With his soft drinks, such as Cola, Teo has managed to refine and modernize “good old” tastes, interpreting them in a very innovative way. But it is Mela Zen that truly marks the beginning of pure experimentation. This is a small batch drink, made with the clear intention to get in contact with those who drink it to create a new taste together. The recipe contains apples and ginger, two excellent products of farming. Fresh, tasty, intriguing… 

MelaZen is such a peculiar drink that it can be enjoyed on its own at all times of the day.
The recipe contains apples and ginger, two excellent agricultural products.
Place of manufacturing
Piozzo (CN)
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
Glass bottle
20 cl
Made in Italy

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