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Mignon Fruttamiel Strawberry


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Good, colorful and tasty, the Fruttamiel Fragola mignon is able to make even children and people who do not usually consume it fall in love with honey. It comes from the union of fruit pulp and very fine acacia honey.

Acacia honey 95%, Strawberry concentrate 5% (Glucose syrup, sucrose syrup, pureed strawberries, acidifier: citric acid, gelling agent: pectin, flavorings, dyes: caramel, cochineal red, azorubine).
It can be enjoyed in a thousand different ways: together with ice cream, to flavor yogurt, as a tasty topping on panna cotta or crepes, on fresh fruit.
Place of manufacturing
Canale d'Alba (CN)
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
38 gr
Made in Italy

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