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Organic Acacia Honey Mignon


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Acacia honey is certainly one of the most appreciated and known throughout Italy. It is appreciated for its light color, almost transparent, and for its sweet taste. Brezzo beekeeping acacia honey is produced in the uncontaminated woods of Roero and Monferrato where the plant grows luxuriantly. It is also presented in this 35 gr mignon version, perfect as a gift idea or as a favor for any type of event.

It can have various uses both as a table honey, as an excellent sweetener, for the preparation of desserts and in combination with different types of cheeses (especially fresh goat and cow's milk ricotta, mascarpone and blue cheeses) or with yogurt.
Sweet, candied
From transparent to straw yellow
Place of manufacturing
Canale d'Alba (CN)
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
Mignon jar of 35 gr
Made in Italy

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