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Organic Moscato d'Asti 2019

Vignaioli di Santo Stefano

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White and sweet wine, it is the dessert wine par excellence. It has a more or less intense straw yellow colour depending on the vintage. The perlage is fine, elegant. The nose is fruity, intense, very persistent.

The sweet, aromatic flavour is in balance with the low alcohol content and with the acidity, never very high, which gives the product a pleasant freshness. From organic farming.

It goes very well with fresh and dry pastry desserts, baked desserts, cakes filled with custard, Christmas and Easter desserts, ice cream and fresh fruit desserts. This wine is also an excellent base for preparing long-drinks or aperitifs.
Straw yellow.
The filtered wine is kept in autoclaves at a controlled temperature between 0 and 2 ° C.
The must obtained from the soft pressing of the grapes is left to settle in the tank for a few hours, at the end of which it is decanted and the temperature is lowered to 2-3 ° C to facilitate storage. At the end of the harvest, all the individual must masses are homogenized with the aim of creating a single consistent quality for the entire year. The next phase is represented by the fermentation of the must in an autoclave at a controlled temperature (16-18 ° C) until reaching the required alcohol content of 5.5% Vol. In this phase the typical "perlage" of Moscato is formed creating inside the tanks an overpressure with the CO2, naturally produced by the fermentation process, until reaching the 2 ATMs, not beyond. Subsequent filtrations allow to obtain a clear and stable product which will then be bottled at very low temperatures to facilitate storage.
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
Glass bottle
Service Temperature
8-10° C
75 cl
Made in Italy

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