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"Oltre il Vallo" Grappa Berta

Grappa Berta

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We are in May 2010, when in Mombaruzzo a new project came about: "Oltre il Vallo", a most sort after grappa aged in Single malt Scotch whiskey barrels.

The project joined together the passion and the artisan masters of the Berta family and that of the best Scottish traditions, represented by the global company "Diageo", prized world leaders of alcoholic beverages. Two very different cultures, but both have the passion for distillation. 

On one hand the "grappa", an Italian country-side tradition, and on the other hand the Single malt Scotch whiskey, fruit of the country-side of Scotland.

This distillation is aged for 24 months in Single malt Scotch whiskey barrels, where they rest for years in the Berta family's cellar. The barrels, are selected one-by-one arrive from that far away land, from the oldest and most famous distilleries of Scotland:Lagavulin, Caol Ila and Mortlach, important names who have made and still make history for the best Scotch whiskey.

Amber in colour, "Oltre il Vallo" is characterized by its soft and round taste. At the beginnig it is an explosion of fragrances which start with the grape skins, currants, dried fruit and almond. After a little while this sensation gives place to a light hint of smoke, peat and malt.

Silky and round, in the mouth but on the palate an the nose it gives a sensation of softness, in a bouquet of fragrances that remind us of orange, hazel-nut and towards the end tobacco and honey.

Distillation system
Distillation plant
Vapour copper stills.
24 months in barrels and then 6 months in single malt Scotch whisky barrels, after bottling they rest for years in the Berta family's cellar to age.
Place of manufacturing
Mombaruzzo (Asti)
43% vol.
Glass bottle cl. 70.