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Pasta Bossolasco

Pasta Bossolasco

Bossolasco Pasta was born thanks to the grains grown in the Saviglianese countryside, a land of great agricultural tradition.

Tradition, love for their land, innovation, ancient flavors and new needs, a look to the past and one to the future, these are the reasons that pushed Emanuele and Piero Bossolasco to transform the products of their land into something innovative but at the same time ancient time.

After months of field tests and constant commitment to the selection of durum wheat varieties that could best perform according to the climatic characteristics, father and son managed to obtain pasta that perfectly holds the cooking and that transmits to the final consumer the authentic grain flavor.

Nothing is left to chance, the choice of the excellent raw material, the bronze drawing and the slow drying, allow to obtain a handmade and precious product, but above all with the flavor of the past.