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Pasta Mancini

Pasta Mancini

Nell'Azienda Agricola Mancini la pasta viene prodotta esclusivamente con il grano duro cresciuto nei suoi campi in un pastificio tra le spighe.

A philosophy oriented to respect and care for the land combined with Mancini's agronomic skills guarantee a pasta made with only the best wheat

The care and respect for the land are elements of a family inheritance that in the third generation has in Massimo Mancini the agronomic expertise necessary to place the right importance in the raw material. Only the durum wheat selected and cured by him will become one of the Pasta Mancini formats. The pasta factory, in wood, concrete and steel, is the synthesis of Mancini's agricultural philosophy, with a modern appearance but integrated into the timeless landscape of the countryside. The same criterion is present within it in the organization of work: to use the most technologically advanced tools to interpret an ancient art such as that of making pasta only from the point of view of the highest possible quality. For this reason it is necessary to set up the activities outside and inside its space in the best possible way: the cultivation faithfully follows the rules of good agricultural practice where improving cultures give back to the field what is removed from durum wheat, while for the production of pasta cutting-edge machinery has been adapted to the use of circular bronze dies and for static drying at low temperatures, tools and methods of the past. Here the farmer and the pasta maker, making their knowledge available to each other, work towards the same goal: to offer each harvest a consistent, tasty, balanced and nutritious pasta, with a story to tell.