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Pasta Mancini

Pasta Mancini

Pasta Mancini produces top-quality pasta from wheat they grow in 10 hectares of our own fields in Le Marche, central Italy. They’ve worked this land for three generations in the unspoiled countryside of this beautiful hilly area. They harvest the grain in June and July, and rotate the fields with other crops like sunflowers and fava beans.
To get nutritious, well-flavored pasta, you need to start with the best varieties of hard, durum wheat. That’s why they decided to grow our own and to make our pasta only from this freshly ground wheat.
They built a custom-designed, small factory right in the middle of the wheat fields so we could control the quality of our wheat and every stage of the pasta production.
They use bronze dies for the eleven pasta shapes we produce: they give an artisanal, textured finish to the pasta that makes it hold its sauces better. The pasta dries slowly at gentle temperatures so it retains all its wheat flavor and nutrients.
 Today, Massimo Mancini is guided by the teachings of his late grandfather, Mariano, as he works alongside his father, Giuseppe, to produce some of Italy's finest pasta.