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Pastiglie Leone

Pastiglie Leone

Since 1857 Pastiglie Leone keeps to sweeten the smile of every age gourmands.

The history of Pastiglie Leone is not just about a company, it’s the story of a town. It is the story of each one of us that becomes amarcord, through those small sugary treasures that accompany us since ever.

In 1857 Luigi Leone opened his confectionery in Alba and started to produce small sugar candies that became so successful to made him move the laboratory in Torino, in order to serve the Royal House and the noblesse of the Savoy capital. At that time Cavour was already anticipating the unification of Italy , while tasting the delicate aroma of his favourite candies: the Leone gummy violets, soon to be renamed “senateurs” in his honour. These small perfumed button candies helped to give voice to all the orations in favour of the unification of our country, since they were used to moisten the throat to facilitate the speech.


Its style is expressed by the respect for the artisanal tradition that marries innovation and creativity. From the elegance of the boxes to the constant research of the quality in the production, from the loyalty to ancient recipes to the attention for the food safety, from the selection of exclusive natural ingredients and raw material to the research of new market solution.

Pastiglie Leone is depository of the production process of unique confectionary masterpieces such as the love tears: drops of crystallised rosolio cordial in a delicate sugar shell, whose preparation is completely manual. Or the chocolate prepared with an almost disappeared methods, recovered thanks to the childhood memory of Guido Monero supported by historical research. The chocolate of Leone is stirred for over 60 hours in a flat basin, in which is massaged by the porphyry stones that give a unique taste and texture. The milk chocolate is made with a fine quality milk, with no use of milk powder, allowing the preservation of the taste and  nutritional properties.