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"Primagioia" Grappa Berta

Grappa Berta

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This "Primagioia" grappa comes from the knowing composition obtained from the assemble of a young grappa, a matured grappa, an acquavite of wine and also of fruit. The products of Acquavite are mixed and refined for 12 months using different woods giving different essences. It is not a young grappa, it is not a mature grappa, it's not a brandy, it isn't even a distillation of fruit but it is the best of all these. The recipè is a big secret, hidden jealously in our memory.
It expresses a complex fragrance, ample, round, with a great personality.
We get different sensations like that of tobacco, cacao and vanilla.
The taste is rich and round, which confirms also the fragrance.
Ricco, avvolgente, si confermano le seducenti sensazioni avvertite al profumo.
Bevanda spiritosa composta da miscela di acqueviti provenienti dal sapiente assemblaggio di grappa, brandy e acqueviti di frutta.
43% vol.
70 cl.